The purpose of this page, the Cairn Wiki Formatting, is to outline how each type of article within the wiki will be presented and formatted. Any templates used will be shown within this page either in excerpt or entirety.

Article TypesEdit


Article Name

Unit Description


At some point I would like the right picture to be a template with unit data, such as the right section on

However, until then a simple table template with each spec and it's value will suffice. Such as:




Armor Value 50
Wards Paper
HP Regen


Sight 10
Speed 5
Sneak 0
Size 1
Attack Range Value or Description (1 vs Melee)
Attack Shape Single-Front (for example)
Attack Rate 1
Attack Damage 20


Any articles written in first person, i.e. using pronouns 'we', 'us' or 'I', will be considered lore and italicized. Appropriate indentation will be used as subsets of the lore. Numbered and unnumbered lists will not be used unless specified within the lore itself.

See Tenets of Fire for an example.

More Page Types Will Be Forthcoming As NeededEdit

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