The Thermocrat Empire try to rule their people justly, but the rapid expansion of their borders has caused many clashes. Governed by a senate that seems less concerned about the population than political gain, an emperor more concerned with his soldiers than the empire, and anyone of power is advised by an order of woman who care more for the advancement of technology than their fellow citizens. The Empire works towards equality among all races, calling everyone within their borders the Imperial people. The arcole have prospered under their rule and are fully integrated with the Empire’s military goals. The beast folk have proven themselves to be irreplaceable on the battlefield. Contrary to the merging of arcole and myosian cultures, the rogue slek that find themselves within the imperial borders can’t seem to rise above their status as degenerates. The slek are more often used as servants or slaves, yet a few find a decent living as mercenaries. The Empire is currently composed of seven smaller nations, each with senate representation and individual rights. They are the Bile Mountains, Eluo Lakes, Great Weh Plains, Nai Marsh Shattered Lands, Shield Woodlands,Shorelands of Vah


Tenets of Fire

Lucus va Valleolus Speech, "Rebirth of the Empire"






Dark Scorcher






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